Friday, May 11, 2012

Stingless Bees Are an Eye Opener

Did you know that there are stingless bees?

I finally met Diniy when I visited him in Selangor. Diniy is a young beekeeper whom I befriended online some time back. Among his many interesting hobbies is beekeeping and what is so special about his bees is they are all stingless! According to Diniy, his bees belong to the rare species of Trigona Itama, one of the many stingless bee types. They are known as Kelulut in Malaysia and "sugar bag" in Australia by the aboriginals.

The swarm of little black winged creatures floating next to the little, propolis-made entrance of Diniy's unusual looking, half natural, half man-made hive at his home balcony was an especially pretty and mesmerizing sight.